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The ones who

Whatevs, with those sorta numbers, I forgive him. The ones who live a sucky existence do so, because their ego forces them to never be happy.

Because this is America it is the place where we build people up so high they can never met the expectations we put on them. However, his offensive production lagged behind his career levels the first month of the season.

You, me, and every other fan. Maybe the privileged need it more than most. He has always greeted my son with a hand shake and a smile.

There are plenty of them everywhere you go. Basically this story is Albert not looking up on autograph day. The guy really is as rude as they come.

Because of that they are convinced that he must be that he wonderful in every way. His surliness with reporters and these are St. And this is before all his endorsements.

Whatevs with those sorta

He also is very involved with his church. So, I do say props to him. By the time you get to that point, you are pretty at peace with your station in life.