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And now as a crabby adult I'm wondering when the next rendition will ooze into view. The magnificent Lee who was paid nothing to act in the film is laird of the manor and master of ceremonies. Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani star as a married couple whose relationship is clearly falling apart.

Not to mention that freaky final shot. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Love the Saw series or hate it, there's no denying that it's a great lesson for aspiring filmmakers. Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris and Christopher Eccleston Hate crime If every generation gets the zombies its deserves, what would ours be like? Amplas plays the title character, a lonely, wayward Pennsylvania teenager whose elderly, religious-maniac cousin is convinced that the boy is, in fact, Nosferatu.

Well, Nicholson and those freaky twin girls. Possession Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani star as a married couple whose relationship is clearly falling apart.

Lists of horror films

It's worth seeing for the stunning lead performances alone, but it's also a horrific and fascinating metaphor for the ugly dissolution of a previously loving relationship. At night, inside their flimsy tent, they are assailed by creepy scuffling and eerie screams.

You don't come across too many horror films that create their very own subgenre, but that's pretty much what George A. There were reports of audience members fainting during the facial surgery scenes, but for Franju this was a tale of anguish rather than a horror movie per se.

Told in mock-doc style, the film recounts the eerie, possibly supernatural events that occurred in the remote Aussie town of Ararat following a tragic drowning at the local reservoir. Much of the credit goes to the memorably creepy-looking Max Schreck, who played the titular creature, but director F. Did it just get cold in here?

The sequel is pretty much the same thing, only with a slightly bigger budget and a dark, twisted sense of humor. We already have this email. Luckily, it's a film that millions of people want to revisit each and every October. If you're a giallo newbie and you're looking for a starting point into the world of wildly violent Italian horror films, seek out Dario Argento's disconcertingly beautiful Suspiria. Sequels and remakes have come thick and fast, but nothing will ever match your first encounter with the original and its brutal, hammer-over-the-head power.

What a tragedy it would have been to lose this deliciously ghoulish comedy of manners. Don't say you haven't been warned. Plus del Toro's imaginative creatures and lush photography make it so damn beautiful to look at. This flick swept the top five Oscars!

Lists of horror films

You know how sometimes you have to build yourself up to try something scary like a roller coaster or a ridiculously spicy food? You've never seen a movie quite like it.

That synopsis should offer some insight into the kind of boiling Freudian gumbo Browning serves up. Generally speaking, he really hates ranking films but this one seemed like a fun idea.

Forgive me for cheating again, but they both deserve inclusion, plus they actually make for a fantastic double feature of the two finest Dracula movies ever made. The original film remains one of the most influential horror movies ever made, and the sequel is pretty much the Casablanca of zombie cinema. When it comes to Clive Barker movies, most people generally talk about Hellraiser. Cold, creepy and compelling, this is a small film from a massive talent. First-time director John Krasinski shows an almost Hitchcockian command of tension as the slightest creak or spillage can bring slathering hell-beasts raining down from the surrounding countryside.

Romero's original Night of the Living Dead pulled off. When you combine the masterfully light touch of Steven Spielberg and horror auteur Tobe Hooper's confidence, the result can be something very cool indeed. This one deals with racism, slavery, and oppression in a way that's bold and unique. At any given moment, we don't know where the monster is hiding, and we also don't know what it will look like. Hide and Shriek What could be more scary than a haunted house?

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And then I collated about titles, tried to whittle that list down, and nearly went insane at least three times. Inside beats out High Tension and Martyrs in a photo finish.

For some cinema lovers, the biggest horror story of all is that with his game-changing big hit, Spielberg inadvertently invented the popcorn blockbuster. Isolation, alienation, and suspicion are the themes at play in John Carpenter's wonderfully creepy rendition of John Campbell's Who Goes There? By creating something equally as impressive. Everyone who has watched the video, so the story goes, dies seven days later.

If its position in the top is anything to go by, then yes. John Carpenter set the bar high by naming his slasher Halloween. Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis Is that a carving knife in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Plus, yes, the titular creature is darkly wonderful, as is the creepy storybook in which he resides.

Chalk it up to a great cast, a subtly intelligent screenplay, and the inclusion of actual heart, humor, and humanity. Many filmmakers have tried to translate H. Has there been a more dread-filled study of mental collapse? Re-Animator Many filmmakers have tried to translate H. The magisterial Scott plays a well known composer who, following the death of his wife and son in a road accident, takes up a teaching job in Seattle and moves into an eerie, haunted Victorian house.

This controversial British shocker helped end the career of the brilliant Michael Powell co-director of Black Narcissus and The Red Shoes and was more or less pilloried upon its release. Preferably in the same night.

How do you follow up one of the most powerful, influential, and socially relevant horror films of all time? How many horror sequels can you go see, after all? Horror disappeared from cinemas during the war, satan mp3 song so this marked a return to screens for the genre.

Lists of horror films

The audacious and twisted flick combines horror, Westerns, and action into some sort of willfully bizarre and bizarrely enjoyable genre concoction. One month later, in a London hospital, bicycle courier Jim Cillian Murphy wakes up from a coma, to find London cloaked in an unearthly silence. Try a tender, humane tale of love and betrayal.

Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist. Crucially, since neither director was a horror nerd, they cut a highly original path through the dark woods of our imagination. And hey, the American remake Let Me In is pretty solid in its own right.