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The Plot is very thriller, the way the story of Ambuli narrated is a perfect puzzle solving screenplay. Sir Wellington dopes her with strong sedatives, so that she visits him often for checkup, so that he can carry out his test without any problem. Satish is the real hero of the movie. Only aberration is the amounts of make-up the leading ladies have indulged in, even while they are supposed to sleep! One night, as things went this way, Marudhan gets very curious about Ambuli, and decides to investigate things on his own.

Venkat Prabhu Shankar Sam C. Sengodan does not harm them, and Amudhan and Vendhan escape the cabin. Watched Tamil Movies - Kollywood. Poongavanam and Valarmalai decided to check on Amudhan and Vendhan that night, having been well aware of their investigation on Ambuli.

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Then the film shifts to the s, where a college farewell party for Sir Arthur Wellington College is taking place. They have managed to beautifully blend science fiction and horror with the suspense element intact. No character in the movie appears to be wasted and everybody was given ample opportunity to perform.

One night, despite warnings from Vendhan, Amudhan decides to go through the cornfield to reach Poomanandhipuram to meet Poongavanam. Lot of powerful lights very near to our eye. Giving him company is classmate Vendhan Srijith.

Overall, Its a brilliantly made adventurous thriller in a small budget. There only one big star Parthiban is acted in this movie, others are not more familiar, but its perfect. Screen play and Music are coping with genre of the movie.

Sengodan guards the fields, but his looks cause suspicion to Amudhan and Vendhan that he might be Ambuli. The sound effects supervisor did a amazing job.

The gripping plot and the premise in which the story was set were the tour de force of the movie. People over there believes in horror stories. The part I liked the most is where Ambuli reveals itself. Mumbai Mumbai search close. News - Ambuli makers back with Aaaah.

The songs were average but the sound effects were groundbreaking. Both the tuition master and the landlord discovered their disappearances that night. Amudhan and Vendhan arrived to find Sengodan, only to find Poongavanam there, tied up and gagged. Ambuli is an Excellent low budget movie but going to be a block buster. Santhanam, Shritha Sivadas, Rajendran.

The last fighting sequence was sweet. Amudhan and Vendhan apologized to him for suspecting him as Ambuli. The things which get revealed as a result are certainly interesting and scary at the same time and the resultant climax was equally riveting. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Star cast has done justification to their roles.

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This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Actors Parthiban and Jegan manage to stand out with their acting skills. Climax could have been better. He understands that the villagers were paying sacrifice to Ambuli to vent his anger. Cinematography by Satish G is among the strengths of the movie.

Cinematography by Sathish was another huge asset for the movie. Their female counterparts Sanam and Jothisha were there to join them in retro styled duets and also during the climax to bustle around when chased by Ambuli. As she reaches her pregnancy date, she is affected too much by the sedatives and starts heading to Sir Wellington's laboratory to get herself checked. The scariest moment was when Ambuli reveals itself.

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Please encourage this movie. The army captures Ambuli and he is taken away in a secured box. The character of Sengotan, the villager who dwells near the corn field, managed to create enough suspicion and kept the audiences hooked till the climax.

Ajay Ambuli Gokulnath Sanam Shetty. They visit the caves at night, and there comes a tall, fierce-looking ape-like creature, which is finally shown and revealed to be Ambuli. So, motorcycle stunts videos they visit many people in the village and enquire about Ambuli.

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Parthiban as Sengodan Jagan as Marudhan P. After his retirement, he begins the college in South India. That day turns out to be the Solar eclipse, and unfortunately, she is affected by the radiation form of the eclipse. While setting out to meet Ambuli, Valarmalai attempted to attacked Sengodan, thinking he got Amudhan, Vendhan, and Poongavanam captives, only to stopped by them and ended joining along with them.

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The second half was a bit slow paced and the proceedings towards the climax had some minor flaws. Gokul last but not the least, the small screen mime artist, who portrayed the role of Ambuli, made our hearts to get into our mouth with his body language and slap stick act.

The film starts with a village Poomadanthapuram. Filmography of Hari-Hareesh.

The background score was excellent and indeed adds to the strength of the script. Uma Riyaz, also in a cameo had an important role, though there was not much to perform. However, the truths that they initially uncover lead to a bigger conspiracy, one that spans across the globe. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. The directors could have done better and refrained from adding songs as they only end up as speed-breakers in the fast-paced narrative.

Two students plan to investigate a strange phenomenon that they came across in a field during their summer holidays. After an intense battle in the field between the army, the police, and Ambuli, Ambuli is tranquilized with the help of Sengodan.

Other songs appear forced into the narration. Just Before watched the movie in Sathyam Theater Chennai. This is amazing that it came better than any of the mentioned English movies. It is to be understood that Ambuli escapes from the box and sets on his next hunt. Has a strong story that will make you keep watching.