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American Originality by Louise Glück download in pdf, ePub, iPad

She's invested in poetry and how it connects to other parts of society, giving this a streamlined, cohesive scope.

Gluck has taken thingsHowever the first essays

However, the first essays promise a sense of unity that collection does not hold. Gluck has taken things that could only be said in poetry and translated them back to us in essay form.

They are well written and include some truly fantastic poetry with useful explanations you are unlikely to see anywhere else. After all, the essays are mostly about contemporary American poets and the possible challenges of current American poetry.

The only thing stopping me from giving this About as dense as it gets, but Gluck's perspective on poetry and artistry are well-refined and from a seasoned expert. Just when I thought I was ready for any big-boy book thrown at me, too. Should be required reading for anyone interested in or learning about poetry. That is for sure a unfair judgment. Forceful, revealing, challenging, and instructive, American Originality is a seminal critical achievement.