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These people lived in smaller settlement clusters than their neighbors, and built extensive irrigation canals for a wide range of agricultural crops. The rock art materializes the cultural diversity that has characterized the region for millennia. The Great Bend of the Gila was central to pre-Hispanic economies that circulated goods over incredibly long distances.

This village-scape also includes several walled settlements built on promontories along the river. Modern cultures in this region, many of whom claim some of these ancient people as ancestors, display a striking range of diversity in lifestyles, language and religious beliefs. This is most evident in the extensive network of ancient trails that criss-cross the landscape and converge in the valleys of the Great Bend. This suggests the ancient people were also more diverse than their material remains may suggest.

The Conservancy organizes numerous multiday tours annually throughout the U. This legacy is preserved in an amazing array of fragile cultural resources dotting the landscape. They are subject to change, not only on the basis of newly discovered information, but also as attitudes and perspectives change within the scientific community.

Scientists are able to examine fragments of pottery vessels, human remains, stone tools or evidence left from the construction of buildings and shelters. In that time, large areas of the Southwest were no longer used for residential purposes, some of which corresponds with well-documented region-wide drought. The river valley served as an overland route between Spanish settlements in Sonora and their missions along the California coast.

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This means that cultural divisions are by nature arbitrary, and are based solely on data available at the time of each analysis and publication. While rock art and geoglyphs adorn the cliffs and mesas lining the river, ancient villages cover the valley floor. Sharply defining cultural groups tends to create an image of group territories separated by clear-cut boundaries, similar to modern nation states.

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There is evidence the Hohokam had far-reaching trade routes with ancient Mesoamerican cultures to the south, and show cultural influences from these southerners. The Great Bend of the Gila is also recognized as the eastern range of geoglyphs. The region is best known for the countless examples of visually stunning petroglyphs carved into the cooled and hardened lava. Stage stations and pioneer communities sprang up along these trails.