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Atlantic Families by Sarah Pearsall download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Browse the many stories below for Atlantic City news about upcoming events and limited-time exhibits as well as stories about Atlantic City history and culture. Visit with our resident bottle-nosed dolphin on our Dolphin Watching Adventure, or enjoy a calm back bay Happy Hour cruise in the evening.

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Customized group tours available. Sarah Pearsall explores the lives and letters of these families, revealing the sometimes shocking stories of those divided by sea. Pearsall Description The Atlantic represented a world of opportunity in the eighteenth century, but it represented division also, separating families across its coasts. The library has an extensive Atlantic City Heritage Collection.

Stemming from the Atlantic City Boardwalk are several piers featuring a number of attractions and unique shopping venues. Keepers are on duty and share with visitors the magnificent view of the Jersey shore, and the magnificent First-Order Fresnel lens in the lantern above. Off the beaten path and plenty of fun, this list of spans the gamut from earthy and adventuresome to deluxe, yet family-friendly. In addition the Gauley River Recreation Area located just north of Fayetteville, offers world class whitewater.

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Fort Lewis Lodge is one of those rare and wonderful places where simple is awesome. Throughout the year the Maritime Museum offers interesting activities for families to share and Tilghman Island is the ideal spot to spend an afternoon of bike riding or kayaking. South Jersey Golf with a Splendid Twist When it comes to vacations, some folks like to tour wineries for a taste of the local flavor. Atlantic City Aquarium No. Our favorite secret place is Fayetteville perched in the rim of the foot deep New River Gorge and next the second longest steel arch bridge in the world.

The area is made natural adventures including hiking, biking, ziplining, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, and most popular by far whitewater rafting. Mostly mountains, trees, friendly people and best of all crazy rivers with world-class white water, it makes an ideal family vacation spot. Located in Historic Gardner's Basin home to sightseeing cruises, fishing boats, restaurants, retails shopping and a Crafters Village. Tours are operated by the Great American Trolley Company.