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Aztec Medicine, Health and Nutrition. Morally inappropriate conduct, on the other hand, causes humans to leave their heart undeveloped, lose their face, and impoverish their lives. This notwithstanding, Nahua morality did prescribe a way of life which promised well-being here on earth. In short, they understood neltiliztli truth non-semantically.

The layout and the unfolding of

It is inauthentic, ingenuine, and undisclosing. Illusion is a function our mistaking the commonly perceived characteristics of the myriad shapes, structures, and entities of teotl's disguise as characteristics of teotl itself. Like the images on amoxtli painted-written by human artists, the images on teotl's sacred canvas are fragile and evanescent. Human actions promote cosmic harmony, balance, and purity, on the one hand, or cosmic disharmony, imbalance, and impurity, on the other. The history of the cosmos is simply the self-unfolding and self-presenting of teotl.

Similarly teotl is properly

Similarly, teotl is properly understood as neither ordered law-governed nor disordered anarchic but as unordered. The layout, and the unfolding of the ideas is well done and is comprehensive and understandable. Works of art accomplish this by faithfully presenting and hence actually embodying balance-and-purity, i.

As we shall see shortly below, wisdom enables humans to discern the sacred presence of teotl in its myriad disguises. The Nahuas characterized persons, things, activities, and utterances equally and without equivocation in terms of neltiliztli, and understood neltiliztli in terms of well-rootedness in teotl. At bottom, Nahua philosophy is essentially pragmatic.