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You have to grab them in

Tabitha Lawson found a great solution in the Celebrate Everyday Life digital scrapbook template created for Shutterfly by famed scrapbook artist Ali Edwards. One of her favorites is the Shutterfly soft focus tool. And simplicity is everything for new moms.

You have to grab them in the moment. An easy alternative for the diaper bag when you don't feel like lugging around the weight of a board book.

She was in a baby pouch and I just held out the camera and snapped a picture of her in front of me. And you take what you get.

An easy alternative for the diaper

Tabitha says that this template also helped her narrow down the hundreds of pictures she has of her daughter. My Granddaughter Natalie loves to point at the objects named and kiss the kitten who woke up from his nap and the dolly who is looking in the mirror. The Celebrate Everyday Life book allowed Tabitha to create something meaningful for her daughter, Ava, that captures the major milestones and everything-in-between.