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Bat out of Hell by Alan Gold download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Falco himself joins the fight, throwing Tink to the ground as he was spraying graffiti on the wall of Falco Towers, so Ledoux breaks a bottle over Falco's head, giving him a facial injury. Falco becomes convinced and he agrees to the deal while amused by Tink's betrayal.

In her room Raven

The first incarnation of his work was a musical called The Dream Engine when he was in college at Amherst. Within Falco Towers, Falco and Sloane throw a birthday party for Raven to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, much to her chagrin.

Those teenagers were trapped in a tunnel filled with poison which didn't kill them, but froze their genes causing them to remain eighteen forever. The cover depicts a motorcycle, ridden by a long-haired man, bursting out of the ground in a graveyard. Strat tells Raven that he doesn't care if she gets old, because she will always be eighteen in his eyes and he will always love her no matter what.

In her room, Raven is trying on Strat's shirt which she picked up during the scuffle when Strat briefly climbs in and he quickly steals a magazine with her image on it. Meanwhile, Zahara takes a pint of blood from Raven and wakes her up. Zahara discusses Falco's house project and she also attempts to make a move on Strat which he pulls back on as well. Ellen Foley was not available when it came time to go on tour for the album, so Karla DeVito took her place. The following day, Zahara returns to Falco Towers to prepare a bag for Raven and is confronted by Falco who violently demands her to reveal Raven's location.

Meanwhile Zahara takes a pint

Zahara climbs down from the top of the cliffs and she calls the paramedics who arrive to help her carry Strat away. She attempts to talk some sense into Falco, but he pushes her away prompting her to yell that she is leaving him and she rushes to attack him.

Tink collapses from the gunshot wound while Falco is dragged away. Their celebration is interrupted when Falco bursts in through the wall with his militia and Tink. Once they leave the room, Strat sneaks in through the window and he watches Raven sleep while slowly approaching her.

While Raven goes to sleep, Falco and Sloane quietly wish that the thought of losing her someday will never come. Meanwhile, Jagwire pulls up on his motorbike outside of Falco Towers, after seeing Zahara there. None of them takes place in a normal world. Then that bat of a Chaerephon came up from hell to drink the camel's blood.