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Birds of the Serengeti by Adam Scott Kennedy download in pdf, ePub, iPad

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However, the best time to enjoy bird watching is between November and April. They are found during the wet seasons, from December to March as they conduct seasonal migration through East Africa. Kennedy also avoids using intimidating jargon to describe bird species, opting instead to keep the tone of his descriptions light hearted while still being informative. The bird you see in the field is often exactly what you find in the book, and equally clear is its habitat, such as a thorny acacia branch or a forest floor littered with dead leaves. Essential book if you are heading for the Serengeti.

The park features over bird species flying through the forests, above and on the great plains, in and amongst the kopjes and waterways and soaring in the blue skies of the region. With his wife, Vicki, he currently operates as a private safari guide, specializing in photographic and wildlife safaris in East Africa.

It guides the layman on where to look for birds and what to look for. Birds of prey commonly seen in Ngorongoro are the augur buzzard and the foppish long crested eagle.

Bird watching in the Serengeti National Park takes place throughout the year. Ngorongoro Crater Owing to its Soda Lakes, the crater provides a breeding ground for flamingos, crown cranes and other water birds as waders, ducks and herons. Rufous-tailed Weaver The rufous-tailed weaver are a songbird species found mainly around Naabi Hill Gate in the Serengeti. They are not really visible, they are usually heard before seen and you will see them at dawn and dusk. Foster, Canadian Field Naturalist These two guides are keys to prepare you for your journey, whether it is an actual safari or an imaginary one from the comfort of your home.