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Bohemian Love Diaries by Slash Coleman download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Slash is a wicked storyteller. It's one of the most original, entertainingly weird books I've read in a long time.

It was hard for me to discern how much of this book was memory embellished by fantasy and how much was actually a true account. And that's all I'm going to tell you because you should read this book yourself. However, the story he tells will literally cause Batman to hang his head in shame.

His words capture us, his drive amazes us, and his works entertain us. If you like your biographies on the quirky side, then you'll enjoy this book.

The book ends in a full-circle road trip with his father. An entertaining examination of the plight of an artist's progeny. Not girl-pretty, just something-floating-in-space-pretty. In this book, you know exactly what Slash's dad sounds like.

Coleman is incredibly forthcoming and candid when telling these stories. Passages analyzing his mother's reasons for hiding her Jewish identity prove especially moving. But there is a lot of tenderness and love in this book.

Coleman writes in such a way that I felt I was reading a Dali painting. Slash can write, and write well, and make me laugh out loud at the idea of a boy hacking at a tree, but it took him a serious journey to get to where he was writing down his own story. The Bohemian Love Diaries is one that most of us could only ever dream of.

But I do love hearing people's

One thing is for sure, Evel Knievel would be proud. But I do love hearing people's stories and I've read personal accounts that were so brilliantly penned they have left me breathless. You know what his mom sounds like and so on and so forth. Sadly this is not one of them.

One thing is

The Bohemian Love Diaries is a fun, raucous read by a fantastic storyteller. Often boring, sometimes funny Coleman's journey ends up with the realization of his own acceptance of himself, which finally puts him on a successful path. While I don't mind super serious memoirs, it's always nice to read some funnier stories. And that's all I'm going to t I have really been on a memoir kick as of late. The journey continues through a failed college career and an adult life spent searching cults for answers to his dysfunction.