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This is a folk song arranged by Britten. There are other stories to tell, after all - Harry's mother didn't believe him anyway - and there would be no call to repeat this one in later life. From early in life, Britten had close relationships with handsome teenagers. He went to America at the beginning of World War Two.

This new cathedral was built to replace the one that was destroyed in World War Two. Time to draw a line under this unfortunate episode and move on. The treble voice is a key element in Britten's sound-world, though he had different values musically and personally. Choose another composer of classical music. Possibly Britten wanted to put distance between himself and Scherchen though his dumping skills seem to have been more than adequate.

They became close friends a few years later when Humphrey was at Eton. Britten would provide each new favourite with gifts and treats, and was a prolific letter-writer. Harry left the next morning and told his mother what had happened, but she did not believe him.

There's a French theory that, in English culture, the breaking of a voice is seen as a tragedy, as the two-gendered boy becomes merely a male. Harry Morris died in and the information comes from his family, but that isn't a reason to doubt it. Hemmings was twelve when he came into Britten's life as the creator of the role of Miles in Britten's The Turn of the Screw. Duncan was aged eleven when he first met Britten. David Spenser was thirteen years old when he had the role of Harry in Britten's opera Albert Herring.

The chosen boys tended toIn any case this image

Harry returned to London in the morning. On his side, there was often a sexual attraction.

The thousands of surviving letters are the source for many of Bridcut's observations. Their relationship was unusual in that Britten persuaded Roger's father to share him and Roger spent many weeks staying with Britten.

He sought out Scherchen, then a year-old man living in Australia, and obtained his consent to create a song cycle out of the story of the relationship. And when one of the trebles in the original Noye's Fludde had his voice break, Britten didn't replace him but tweaked the part into the tenor range a tenor it remains. Bridcut speculates that it was influential on a decision that did Britten's reputation much harm, the prewar trip to America which became an extended absence. When he first went to stay with Britten at Crag House, they shared a double bed, Britten explaining that with the recent move from the Old Mill at Snape it was the only bed in the house. For Britten, the essence of boyish beauty was movement, which was why he made Tadzio in Death in Venice a dancing role.

In any case this image is here for the purposes of education only. The chosen boys tended to be more or loss posh, and both sensitive and sporty.