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Burning Obsession was intense and

Burning Obsession is indeed the perfect title to an irresistible story. But, he hasn't met anyone he really feels that spark with. As he is known to do, Kyle shifts into protection mode. There are danger and plenty of action.

Tamera doesn't mind since the danger continues to escalate as does her desire for Kyle. The physical is steamy, but it's by no means their only connection. One that changed his life forever.

They have real

Burning Obsession was intense and loaded with both passion and action right from the start. They have real, deep conversations in which they get to truly know each other. They had barely sat to eat when a drunk guy threw his drink at her and yelled obscenities at her so Kyle had to subdue him. Readers will fall in love with this novel. As he was leaving the gathering he nearly ran over Tamara the woman who officiated his best friend Ari wedding to Dane.

Chemistry burns red hot between characters. Now that he has let go of that and reconciled that they are only meant to be friends, he finally notices Tamera.