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When turned on, the date and time stamp will appear on your videos and photos. Like I said, I found the mode and menu operations very intuitive and simple to use. There was even a nice self-timer setting. So, maybe for the money, the Besteker is okay. First, I started with the resolution.

And when you have something memorable to capture like a birthday or a graduation, we, as a person, replicate the moments by recording the happenings through a small device. The specs sounded good to me, so I ordered the camcorder.

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It comes in a stealthy black color with silver accent along with the shiny plastic finish that makes it stand out among the rest. When fitted on your palm, it occupies about a third of your whole palm.

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After I fine-tuned the audio settings for my video files in Shotcut, they actually sounded pleasing to my ear. Even better, there are free, open source video editing alternatives. One good thing though is that they never went extinct.

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Photos and graphics by Doug Martin. After I charged the battery and inserted my memory card, I found the controls intuitive, and quickly was able to figure out all the settings. Its creation is still pretty much alive with some improvements here and there installed by various companies. While the illustrations were slightly helpful, everything else was confusing. But what even made it more appealing to the consumers is the ability to become handy.

How to set the Date and time stamp on your Besteker camcorder The date and time stamp is a really nice feature on this Besteker camcorder. Even if I love this Canon camcorder, I will continue to use my Besteker. This camcorder would also make a fantastic, dating website script download video compact spare. It was nice that you could fasten the camcorder to a tripod.

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Another concern is there is no way to increase the volume of the recorded sound, other than keeping the camcorder close to the person who is speaking. If it gets damaged in the process, then you just buy another one. Even my cell phone is difficult to see in the sun. It was a mistake for me to the read the instruction manual.

It functions the same way you expect a regular digital camera works but in a smaller form factor. Some reviewers disagreed, but they were in the minority.