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Only one person all

With Congress refusing to extend long-term unemployment, his benefits soon will run out and Politte says he doesn't have the time or patience to try to get that money back. Only one person all morning had been able to complete the filing process.

We use this information to create a better experience for all users. McCullion and other top officials publicly declared an early victory.

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With Congress refusing to extend longterm

Through it all, information about what went wrong has been restricted within the agency. By state government standards, he was a short-timer. Closer to the ground, others warned of a meltdown. Only later that night did McCullion write messages that suggest he was reassessing. By the next day, McCullion seemed less optimistic.

Four out of more than filed successfully in Pensacola. Thousands of job seekers went weeks and months without the money they need for essentials like rent, food and bills.