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Barack Obama has exploited his youthful stint as a Chicago community organizer at every stage of his political career. Media stories of ghost voting by the deceased and stuffed ballot boxes persisted for years. What needs to happen is a change in corporate greed and insensitivity. With the exception of the local ministers and the occasional semi-crazed black nationalist, Obama inhabits a female world.

Olin Fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Huh The beating death of Derrion Albert captured national attention last September. His organizing targets are almost all single mothers. The next stage in black family disintegration may be on the horizon.

Barack Obama hasMedia stories of ghost voting

But youth violence is definitely correlated with race. Chicago sends a social worker. It is an American problem.

Other protests sent an even more muddled message. Jackson, like other local leaders, is reluctant to criticize Obama, however. Alinskyism, after all, presupposes that the problems afflicting a poor community come from the outside. If you doubt them, they argue, try reaching the federal government on the telephone. According to several Chicago observers, black mothers are starting to disappear, too.

No one pointed out that the threat from which Jackson the Civil Rights Avenger was protecting black students came from other black students, not from hate-filled white politicians. Daily there is a mayoral press conference, or some form of photo op in the neighborhoods, hailing some municipal betterment.

If parents and students protest whenever such discipline is enforced, they undercut their own call for greater safety. One activist, however, makes ending illegitimacy an explicit part of his work.

You go stay with your father. It turned out, however, that a new art of political machination had overtaken American politics while Chicagoans clung almost nostalgically to their old system of favors. He entered public life not as a door-knocker or favor-deliverer, but as a high-pressure, high-tech fundraiser, beginning with Richard M. Providing their families with a government-funded gofer to carry out basic adult tasks like getting car insurance will not compensate for a lifetime of paternal absence. Defendant Eugene Riley hit Albert with a railroad tie as he lay unconscious on the ground in his final moments.

This past September, a cell-phone video of Chicago students beating a fellow teen to death coursed over the airwaves and across the Internet. Perhaps not the local protesters but the federal officials dispatched to Chicago for damage control. The next day, Chicago lost its bid in the first round of votes, but Holder and Duncan continued to Chicago the following week. None of the perpetrators or victims in either case came from two-parent families.