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You may also remind them that they are responsible for their success and communicating with you when they have need assistance or have other concerns. Every field has its own exciting research or striking examples, and it is a good idea to present a few of these up front. Give them enough information so they will be able to plan their schedules accordingly.

You may also remind them that

You may also want to alert your students to the events, habits, or situations that detract from your ability to fulfill your responsibility. Tell your students how you will provide them with the materials they need to be successful in class. Tell them what they can expect and how can they interact within those expectations to thrive in your classroom. Provide a map of where the class will start and end, and what you expect them to understand at the end of the semester. In making your decision about what information to share, consider how much you want them to know and how much you want to reveal about yourself.

If your department sets standards and requirements, you may want to establish that you are required to work within those parameters. Establish what you will provide for your students to be successful in your class. Form E Pros and Cons In-class feedback forms have the advantage of a high response rate as high, that is, as your typical attendance rate. The teaching challenge is to find special ideas within your own field. No software to install or equipment to configure.

The questions are provided in a series of practice tests consisting of questions, answers, and detailed explanations. You may also want to have the students break into pairs, exchange information, and introduce one another to the class.

Every field has its