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Clementine Rose and the Movie Magic 9 by Jacqueline Harvey download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It is in third

Clementine and her mother are unfailingly pretty, graceful, and passive. It is in third person omniscient, and we head hop between the characters.

As a point of reference, Clementine Rose was recommended to us as a good follow-up to Ivy and Bean which we both adored. Living with them is Aunt Violet, who appears to be the cliched grumpy spinster although there is a glimpse of a more interesting backstory.

They do not appear to have any imagination but patter through the day doing what they are told or what is expected of them. She at least contributes snark. There is not a trace of satire in this book and the family actually has a butler called Digby Pertwhistle, which pretty much sums things up.

In fairness, there is a plot. That said, she did find some novelty and charm in the setting. There is a Fawlty Towers vibe to it, so I'm interested to see now if she will follow or enjoy an episode of Fawlty Towers. There are a huge number of other characters referred to, many of whom do not or barely appear, and do not seem to have any notable personality. My next door neighbour's daughter likes Clementine Rose because the covers are pretty and so is Clementine.

Clementine and her mother are unfailingly