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Collectively, these form the audit criteria. Too often audit results in criticism of other organisations, departments or individuals without their knowledge or involvement.

Action plan development may involve refinement

Data collection To ensure that the data collected are precise, and that only essential information is collected, certain details of what is to be audited must be established from the outset. Auditing and monitoring of patient details can identify trends in attendance for eye surgery. For example, it is difficult to audit the results of treatment for open-angle glaucoma, as it can take years to know the final outcome.

These criteria are explicit statements that define what is being measured and represent elements of care that can be measured objectively. Each point needs to be well defined, with an individual named as responsible for it, and an agreed timescale for its completion. Hold regular meetings where you can give feedback on the findings and ensure that all staff are invited to attend. For auditing to have an impact on patient care, it is important to share the results with all staff members on a regular basis.

Your final report might include things like treatment given, average time to healing, average length of admission, culture and gram stain results, and final vision. Action plan development may involve refinement of the audit tool particularly if measures used are found to be inappropriate or incorrectly assessed. They were able to identify that patients who experienced vitreous loss had worse outcomes. Pilot the form on a number of patients, or for a given time. Provide regular feedback to all those involved.

Your final report