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But research in entrepreneurship has not spread through the community of social scientists. Organizational inventiveness in this effort in the less developed countries is impressive.

In Sweden the government

Together they have reshaped life on this planet and made it possible for millions of ordinary men and women to live as affluently as old-time lords. Modernization thus means lifting restriction imposed by status and opening opportunities for negotiating contracts. With driven natural-born citizens and immigrants, America is one of the most successful countries in terms of entrepreneurship. Thus one tends to look for the climate of innovation in the small shops.

Reality is too often a far cry from this ideal. But judging from patent applications, an increasing share of inventions nowadays emerge under a corporate umbrella as part of the research and development effort. Using the prototypes, Ford soon founded the Detroit Motor Company.

Opinion polls in the s tell a story of declining confidence in government. But at the same time he honors anyone who can meet a payroll and close a profitable, useful deal.

It is the result of a much more orderly, more pedestrian process. In Sweden the government has a program to assist inventors along the expensive road between prototype and production model. Tribal Africa, caste-dominated India, as well as feudal Europe are thus described as status-dominated, i. The reason for this may vary from country to country. It is often heard that innovations occur mostly in small firms and rarely in large ones.

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