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While reading this I thought I'd

While reading this I thought I'd write another review about the holocaust, maybe once again mention that Adorno quote, and maybe Paul Celan. This is Berger's first novel and it doesn't read anything like his later novels. The sorts of questions that keep you being humane and on guard from descending into the depths of being just another unthinking asshole who sees the whole world as us versus them. Nathan Schlid, an American Communist acting as a U.

The novel is set in Berlin, in the months following the start of the Occupation by the Allied Armies. People are worth more than things, and abstractions have almost no worth at all.

This is Berger's first novel

Hypocrisy is the better part of competence. Contained in his at times ribald story about life during just after Wartime are the big questions about how did things turn out the way they did. According to the back of the book keep in mind this was written on a Mass Market edition, a time in publishing where some, um, interesting choices were used to try to sell books. There are some massive clarity issues going on and his characters have a tendency to pontificate in If you read one Thomas Berger novel don't let it be this one.

This novel was published almost twenty years before Gravity's Rainbow, so you'll see how this just wouldn't be the case. The writing is clunky here.