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If the tipsters fear repercussions for coming forward, the police will often encourage them to remain anonymous. Antonio claimed he had been hunting in a sugar cane field when he heard a car arrive. The crook was seemingly dead serious about pilfering the place, even tying up the sole clerk on duty so the two wouldn't get in each other's way.

The authorities subsequently released a sketch of the ring to the public. Continue Reading Below Six million fucking gallons of it. He provided the operator with details about the location where the crime took place before hanging up.

Not that any of this was reason enough for them to, you know, guard it or anything. Two members of the group, brothers Adam and Aaron Galli, were charged with the robbery and murder. The female caller was never identified, but a much more chilling anonymous phone call was still to come. Then, in a shocking turn of events, the writer admitted to killing the woman but claimed it was not intentional.

On the bright side at least

At the time, there was a belief that if a rooster laid an egg, it contained a demonic dragon-chicken hybrid creature called a cockatrice. The strangest aspect of this tip was that these were three women from three different states and had disappeared at different times.

Until this man is found, the Wax Head Woman may remain unidentified. Considering that they shared their home with friars and monks, they felt comfortable leaving their front door open on a warm day. Other people living at the abbey witnessed the event as well and backed up their testimonies.

On the bright side, at least we'll all be spared the spectacle of a defense attorney trying to argue that he was merely acting on a longstanding grudge against J. According to the allegations, some mix of the quartet decided to knock off the cafe, but something went wrong and a cook named Merritt Riordan was shot and killed during the attempted heist.

Maria had not been sexually assaulted, and there was nothing missing from her apartment, so the motive was unknown. Each minute episode featured the re-enactment of at least one crime.

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The men then used a machete to butcher the woman before leaving. This prompted them to retest the evidence, and they eventually put together a genetic profile for an unknown male. While no evidence was ever found to implicate Howson, McCaughey had casually mentioned to him that whoever took the painting should deposit it in a luggage locker at Spencer Street station. For decades, the sparkly stuff has been used to bring down everything from rapists to murderers. This provided conclusive proof that Crawley was still alive somewhere, but she was never actually caught.