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Nonetheless, there are differences among ethnic groups in the rates and contexts within which adolescent suicidal behaviors occur. Cultural Diversity and Suicide is not a book of cookie-cutter approaches to suicide prevention, nor is it a primer for the novice. Each chapter includes at least one case study and incorporates clear headings that make it simple to find specific information.

The needs for culturally sensitive and community-based interventions are discussed, along with future opportunities for research in intervention development and evaluation.

Suicide ideation refers to

Definitions of Terms Terms such as culture, ethnicity, and race, and terms describing suicidal behaviors have been used in different ways in the literature. For example, Latinos may share cultural expectations about gender and family roles that derive in part from country of origin and historical traditions.

For ease of reading, Cultural Diversity and Suicide is divided into chapters based on ethnicity. Suicide ideation refers to thoughts of killing oneself regardless of intent. Abstract Ethnic groups differ in rates of suicidal behaviors among youths, the context within which suicidal behavior occurs e. As defined here, ethnic group differences can be considered to be a subset of cultural differences. Suicidal behavior is a generic term in this article referring to thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, and deaths by suicide.