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Dancing With Minnie The Twig by Mogue Doyle download in pdf, ePub, iPad

This story published in details the fictional events at a country mansion during the Irish War of Independence. Those who struggled with Ulysses will have an equally difficult time with this work by Joyce, written in an experimental style that makes it hard to understand.

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The Chronicles of Narnia by C. This novel is the first by the Tony Award winning playwright Leonard. Try out this book to learn more about this poet, whose Gaelic-inspired works were a product of the generation of poets after Yeats. In this novel, a chance meeting changes the lives of a man and a woman with damaged pasts.

The Making of Modern Ireland by J. Heaney is a Nobel Prize-winning poet and writer, and this collection of poetry is a great introduction to his writing. Nonetheless, reading it will make you not only look smarter but actually be smarter as well. Eliot Prize for his poems.

Most of all, you knew everything about the village where you lived, and everyone there. Check out this book to see some of his best work. Check out this book to hear the story of a group of teenagers dealing with growing up and the fear inspired by the political climate in Northern Ireland.

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Classics Many classic novels were written by Irish authors. Non-Fiction These books are a great way to not only see the work of Irish authors but to learn about Irish history and landscape as well. Check out this historical novel set in to learn more about the hardships of the Potato Famine. Learn more about the amazing poet and playwright Seamus Heaney through this award-winning interview.

Set in the s, this book follows one man as he gets caught up in the liberation of the sexual revolution happening in the era. These short stories have come out to much acclaim and are a great way to read Irish fiction without having to commit to a novel.