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Protective arrangements in their legal systems have also turned out to be inappropriate in preventing these very foundations from being shaken by any arbitrary political mood of the day. Restless and hungry brains all over the world are continuously teaming up with one another, working on improvements and accelerations of all kinds, at any given time. Creativity will only flourish in places where human brains have the freedom and permission to assemble to work on their unlimited ideas. Developments do not occur in a linear way but with unforeseeable multidimensional disruptive effects.

More than that

More than that, it is also a very painful lesson about all our assumptions, which we want to use as the basis of our future activities. In consequence, all information can restructure every reality at any place, at any time, worldwide.

This fact not only destroys any belief in secure knowledge about the past. The findings and manifestations of a globalized digitalization and its division of labor have made individuals lose track of durable integration into a consistent social community. Die Stellungnahmen sind in die Entscheidung einzubeziehen.

It also brings some typical problems for the intellectual culture of a society as well. The world has seen that neither the ancient Chinese emperors nor the almighty communist leaders of contemporary history managed to freeze human development by building walls.

It is not a disadvantage for humans to live in a small state today. In this regard, small states on the one side and creative minds on the other are mutually attractive. Ich kenne Menschen, die Mitglied dieser Partei sind. In times of digitalization all political attempts to stall progress by forcefully putting up digital walls will, of course, have some short-term successes. Marketing aus Humor gemacht.

Therefore, we can say that this has become a world of isochronism. Disruptive developments make it more and more difficult to feel embedded in a community. More and more people understand that their personal strategies to master the challenges of human life are incompatible with the strategies of other people on the globe. But disconnecting a society from intellectual and technical developments beyond its homeland borders is not a promising strategy to preserve any given political situation in the long run.

Obviously, there seems to be a powerful human desire for a spiritual home to counterbalance the centrifugal forces of globalization, which are exhausting people everywhere. Introduction I will try to present evidence that it is not disadvantageous for humans to live in a small state today.

Indeed, many people still believe that improvements in administrative productivity and a computerized rationalization of the workflow could compensate the perpetual change of circumstances. Auch dieses Patt allerdings sollte wieder nicht von Dauer sein. This again, of course, makes people individually feel insecure.

In consequence all information can