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Designing Texts by Eva R. Brumberger download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Only one option may be active at a time. Increase or decrease the space between words. Automatic applies the indenting of the object that contains the list whenever the list text wraps to a second line. In that case, the list will not have a bullet character associated with it.

Adds overline decoration to text. Options to choose a language, and to choose a location for your personal dictionary. Setting a Style's Scope When creating styles, you can limit the range of a style's effects by setting the scope of the style. Sets the color of the font. For example, if you enter the name cursor and the value wait, the pointer in Microsoft Internet Explorer can appear as an hourglass.

NetObjects Fusion searches forThe Borders section contains controls

The Borders section contains controls for editing border properties. NetObjects Fusion searches for the text. In the Replace with field, type the replacement text.

It has no effect on single lines of text. You name this custom style Shhh. Inserting Symbols You can insert special symbols, such as an em dash or copyright symbol into text. Sets the bottom padding of an element.

Sets an image as the background. Sets the left margin of an element.

Sets the height of the line. To constrain the line to vertical or horizontal, hold down the Shift key while dragging. You can also create custom styles to use in conjunction with the styles on the Styles list.

Increase or decrease the space between characters. The Margins section defines the space around elements. Sets subscript position to text.

You can create text styles or modify the text styles included with NetObjects Fusion. You can only create plain text variables. Adds underline decoration to text. However, you can detach panels from the group if you prefer working with each individually. You can add words to a personal dictionary so they will no longer be flagged as misspelled.