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Diwan Revisited by Holl download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Replaced the sky when the Falcon is heading over the trees to better match the following shots. Reused previous shot of the laser beam firing from the Death Star interior.

Added a glow around the docking bay entrance in all the shots. Changed the height of the docking bay entrance in the long shot after the Falcon lands. Added fighters chasing each other in the cockpit backgrounds.

Added the twin suns to the

Added the background of the temple receding as Luke leaves the hanger. Added the twin suns to the shot of the escape pod heading towards Tatooine and had the pod enter the atmosphere at the end.

Added the background

Added Yavin to the background of several shots to give the viewer a point of reference. Ana Khattat comes with a wide choice of Arabic greeting Card templates which can be enhanced with personalized messages. Added some rotation to the escape pod as it blasts off.

Reduced the appearance of matte lines on sand dunes. Made the Tatooine matte rotate slightly as the ships fly overhead. Made it so Obi-Wan ignites his saber first.

Enhanced the colours of the X-Wing displays. Changed the sky in several shots to match the other shots. Replaced rear projected image of Alderaan in the Death Star control room with a moving image of the planet that grows closer in each shot.

Added an impact blast to the Stormtrooper across the chasm who falls over when the scenery next to him explodes. Added the planet Ganleigh to Death Star establishing shot and a Star Destroyer leaving the system as the Death Star is now operational and no longer needs an escort.