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Domain-Sensitive Temporal Tagging by Jannik Strötgen download in pdf, ePub, iPad

In the context ofAfter providing background knowledge

The authors provide an overview of existing techniques and tools, and highlight key issues that need to be addressed. His research interests include the management and analysis of temporal, spatial, and spatio-temporal data, data mining, text mining, and social network analysis. It was made publicly available and is constantly improved. It places a special focus on the challenges and opportunities of domain-sensitive temporal tagging. Several approaches to temporal tagging have been proposed, annotation standards have been developed, gold standard data sets have been created, and research competitions have been organized.

An excellent book in the area. This book covers the topic of temporal tagging, the detection of temporal expressions and the normalization of their semantics to some standard format. Furthermore, some temporal taggers have also been made publicly available so that temporal tagging output is not just exploited in research, but is finding its way into real world applications. In addition, this book particularly focuses on domain-specific temporal tagging of documents.

In the context of his thesis, the domain-sensitive and multilingual temporal tagger HeidelTime has been developed. After providing background knowledge on the concept of time, the book continues with a comprehensive survey of current research on temporal tagging.

This is a crucial aspect as different types of documents e. From until he was on the faculty at the University of California at Davis. This makes it better than a reference resource, guiding the reader through where the author thinks resources will be useful. Now I need an event extraction one and temporal ordering one to accompany it on the office shelf.