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This prompts a war table operation to recover this crest. Once complete, the Inquisitor can purchase it from a vendor in Val Royeaux and present it to Josephine, to her delight.

After the final battle, Josephine shares a hug with the Inquisitor. Upon meeting the Comte, he produces a copy of a contract of the House of Repose assassins guild, instructing them to target anyone attempting to reinstate the Montilyets in Orlais. When the Inquisitor chooses to retire from the festivities, Josephine joins her lover and they hold hands on the bedroom balcony. They had vessels numbering in the hundreds, including a large contingent of warships, ostensibly at the disposal of the royal navy, actually charged with keeping their merchant vessels safe. Comte Boisvert in Val Royeaux says that he can provide some information on the subject, in exchange for Inquisitor Maxwell's presence at the meeting.

Josephine then lets out a small cheer with the rest of the assembled before catching herself. Afterwards, the assassin politely observes that he hopes he and Josephine never meet again, and wishes her luck in her plan to have the contract voided. For the latter option, Josephine reciprocates her love and the pair share a kiss.

Josephine will greet you differently depending on your character's race. Her pansexuality is one of the best things about her. Appearances in other media.

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These characters can be used to carry out War Table missions, thus earning power, influence and items. The romance can be initiated at the close of the first personal quest for Josephine. The Montilyets were one of the major naval powers in Antiva until the start of the Blessed Age. She asks the Inquisitor to put their relationship on hold while she tries to find a way out of the engagement.

Meeting Josephine

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When the Inquisitor later brings this up with Josephine, it is an opportunity to cement the relationship, resulting in a kiss. She is in the room with the research table.

Romance Josephine can be romanced by a male or female Inquisitor of any race. If you are an Elf, for example, she will greet you with an Elvish phrase. Josephine Alternate tarot card It is possible to dance with Josephine at the ball during Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts after deciding what happens to the Empress Celene and the others.

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This article is a step by step guide on how to enter a romantic relationship with your Inquisitor's Antivan ambassador. Being able to romance them depends on your character's gender and race. Agree with her on her opinions. Contact Author It is the latest in arguably one of the best fantasy roleplaying video game series of all time.

Gaining Approval

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When Josephine attempted to restore her family's landed trader status in Orlais, she became a target of assassins from the House of Repose. Their cargo was the target of many Rivaini pirates and they became entangled in many rivalries and vendettas against them. However, Josephine arrives in the middle of the duel and chastises the Inquisitor for risking their life. It is possible to romance Josephine no matter what race, class or gender your character is.

One of the many great features of this epic game is the ability to enter a romantic relationship with several possible characters. She worries for Maxwell and hopes for his safe return. However, she lets slip that one option would be to challenge Otranto to a duel. They were exiled from Orlais, which greatly crippled their fortune.

Josephine politely tells the cleric that the Inquisition needs them for the time being. Source Meeting Josephine When Cassandra decides to reinstate the Inquisition so that you can build an army to combat the growing threat of the Breach, she introduces you to three people. Inquisition with endless story possibilities, character choices, nzdating sites warrior classes and sidequests.

Josephine sets about rebuilding the family's trading fleet, restoring its wealth and renown throughout Antiva. Regardless of Maxwell's response, Josephine performs a shrewd diplomatic word play to get the Marquis to reconsider his stance. Upon arrival, as the Herald is elevated to the rank of Inquisitor, Cassandra calls out to Josephine, asking if their people have been told. Back at Skyhold, the Inquisitor and Josephine share a tender moment by the fireplace.

Later, if the Inquisitor asks if her ancestors were Orlesian, Josephine will confirm it and mention her desire to see her family's lost ancestral crest. However, during a mission, she encountered a rival bard and killed him by accident. She is well traveled, familiar with many forms of etiquette, and by all accounts a skilled negotiator.

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