Dream Chronicle 3

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Keep the Dream alive with Dream Chronicles? From the start, the goal with the Dream Chronicles series is to bring the story and adventure to life in a world inspired by a unique art style. The rose petals will go in your inventory. You have to pay attention to the markings on the spoons, plates and teacups. Pull the handle to see a closed gate.

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Place one of the telescope lenses on the right side of the telescope. Go through the door into the kitchen. One is on the lower left side, close to the wall.

Dream Chronicles 3

Finally, add crushed and heated juniper berries. Pour in some rose liquid essence. To use them, pick them up and click on the area you want to use them. Once those two pieces have been sewn together, place another mat piece on the sewing machine and click on the pedal. Head back to the front of the house.

The three Gold Nuggets are in yellow squares. Place them in the mortar on the left side of the kitchen. Steam Bath Tunnel Turn all of the valves off, then continue forward. The potion will automatically go into the inventory.

Dream Chronicles - Free Downloadable Games and Free Adventure Games from

The Dream Pieces are circled in green in the screenshot. Now pull the handle to let light in. Go back to the nexus and use this symbol on the floor, then go down the stairs.

The gems on the left will combine and form the color for the gem on the left side of the Dream Jewel. In order to unscramble the words, you will have to click on the letters for each section. The paper will give you instructions on the order in which the toys need to be placed on the rug once you find them.

Click on the drawer again, and one piece of the mat will appear. Each planet can only be placed on either the left or right side of the bookcase.

Dream Chronicles 3

This will help you find hidden items within the scene. Most of the time the Dream Pieces are circled in green, and the Gold Nuggets are highlighted in a yellow square. Herbalist's House Herbalist's Entrance Look at the wet umbrella to note it has been raining, then go outside. Place the crushed orange peel in the glass container.

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Use your time management skills to run farms from Africa to Antarctica is this farm fresh sequel! The other teacup is in the lower center of the scene, next to the cushion on the floor. When you first open the book, some of the words will be scrambled on the left side of the page.

This will record your dreams and journal entries, powerpoint templates school you can open it at any time. The gems on the right will combine to form the color on the right side of the Dream Jewel. You will now have another Dream Jewel completed. The full version of Dream Chronicles?

There are two of them in the lower right side of the scene. Place one freshly cut grey rose in the glass. Pick up some bitter aloe from the jars in the back of the kitchen and crush it in the mortar.

Dream Chronicles 3 The Walkthrough King

If you found the key earlier, you will be able to go through the back of the kitchen. Once the dots are lined up correctly, the constellation will light up and you will get a mold in your inventory. Click on the gateway that is in the back of the scene. Carrying items between scenes is an important part of solving the intricate puzzles. When all the pieces are back on the floor, click on the floor to get a closer view.

When you go back through the nexus, there will be a new lever available. You will notice three sets of doors in the back of the room. Click on the small key that is in the upper right side of the wall please look at the screenshot. Grab the spool of green thread and place it on top of the back side of the sewing machine. Take the ladle from the left side of the wall and place it on the cauldron.

Place the teapot in the middle and you will receive a teardrop. The Middle Door will take you to the steam room this will be the last door that you will enter.

Also take the small key from the roof support beam. Once outside the treehouse, exit through the gateway in the back of the scene. Grab the key that you just picked up and place it on the drawer that is on the left side of the sewing machine table. Return to Lyra's bedroom and arrange the toys on the carpet, using the clues from the scrap of paper.