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An alternative proof can be given as follows. The set A F is clearly an invariant set of F. The proofs of all results also can be found there.

The second proof given for the preceding theorem does not generalize for manifolds M which are not compact. In particular, the book concentrates on the similarities between finite-dimensional rigid body motion and infinite-dimensional systems such asfluid flow. It is important to know when the set A F is compact for, in this case, it is the maximal compact invariant set of F. It features a general introduction to optimal stochastic control, including basic results e.

The illustrations and examples together with

The dissipative condition and a variational argument shows that the set E is bounded. If M is compact, we have the following theorem, and if M is not compact, some additional hypotheses are needed to obtain a similar result. The set A F has certain continuity properties in relation to the dependence on F. However, in order to emphasize the ideas behind the result, a direct proof is given.

The modern geometric approach illuminates and unifies manyseemingly disparate mechanical problems from several areas of science and engineering. The constant and the periodic solutions are particular cases of global solutions. It is interesting and important to characterize the set of asymptotically smooth semigroups for which these results remain valid. Sometimes we deal with discrete dynamical systems, that is, iterates of a map. We have presented the above theory for continuous semigroups.

In some places in the text, we indicate where this can be done and, in others, where it appears to require new ideas to obtain the appropriate extensions to asymptotically smooth semigroups. Readers from other fields who want to learn the basic theory will also find it useful. The solutions with initial data in unstable manifolds of equilibrium points or periodic orbits are often global solutions, for example, when M is compact.

For this assume that A

The illustrations and examples, together with a large number of exercises, both solved and unsolved, make the book particularly useful. For this, assume that A T is compact. It has been useful in the geometric theory of dynamical systems, to consider sets of recurrent motions, in particular, sets of nonwandering points.