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Earth Logic by Laurie J. Marks download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Pretty much any disability in the book are magically fixed, so no disabled diversity. Crammed with unconventional families, conflicted soldiers, amnesiac storytellers, and practical gods, the story also finds time for magical myths of origin and moments of warm, quiet humor. It was a lot more interesting and I found myself reading as much as I could to find out what happened instead of trying to finish the book as quickly as I could.

Maybe if the Shaftali had been given more time to be shown as this peaceful people, and the war truly did change them for the worse, I could accept it. Usually when I start a book I have an idea what the central issue is, how to start, and how to end and not much else. Nevertheless, my characters are lot more sensible and comprehensible than any real people I know. See the Map of Shaftal by Jeanne Gomoll. No gender diversity either.

Karis and her family must either act, or allow Shaftal to fall into chaos. Karis was, funnily enough, like a rock most of the time, not really doing anything, so it was hard to really like her character.

That, to me, was one of the best things of the book. Full of love and humor as well as war and intrigue, this well-crafted epic fantasy will delight existing fans as surely as it will win new ones. And when Karis acts, the very stones of the earth sit up and take notice. It involved seeding genetic diversity and disorder on planexes hoping that this would yield a new breed of minds and civilizations whose dynamism would rekindle the creative spirit on Unikarg. There are multiple strings of plot that, by the end of the book, are braided together in the most beautiful way.

Karis was funnily enough

The country has a ruler again, Karis, a woman who can heal the war-torn land and expel the invaders. Every random solider mentioned had just as much of a chance as being female as male, and same with the regular people of Shaftal. This beautifully written novel includes enough blood and adventure to satisfy the most quest-driven readers. With war and disease spreading, Karis must act.

Definitely for the thinking reader. So I create characters who aren't easy to understand, who don't fully understand each other, and who are often baffled by themselves. It's a novel of the everyday folk who are often ignored in fantasy novels, the farmers and cooks and healers.

Karis and her family