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The Palisades restaurant takes its name from the dramatic cliffs over looking the New River in Eggleston, Virginia. And everything, literally everything, is made from scratch. This is what we have locally. Cookbook author Nathalie Dupree chose to include the original, spiceless recipe in her book Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking. Sit down to many farmhouse tables in the summertime and you might conclude that the family has embraced a vegetarian diet.

The flip side is the belief that if a recipe comes from Appalachia, then it must need improvement. The watercolor painting of the stack cake on the wall was done by Nancy Jane Earnest. Low-growing squash plants create shade and hold in moisture. More Stories from the Kitchens of Appalachia. The apple filling should be prepared ahead of time and allowed to cool.

It used toInterior photos by Larry Smith

Appalachian food has been sustainable and organic for generations. Jill Sauceman with her traditional dried apple stack cake.

It used to be the local hardware store. Interior photos by Larry Smith. These are largely home-cooked dishes, but in Johnson City, soup beans and cornbread have even made it to the drive-through at the Buc Deli. The food of Appalachia is perhaps the truest example of this hyperlocal, community-driven cuisine. The most precious ingredient in Appalachian cookery is time.