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This has caused many local residents to suffer from drinking water shortages and has caused some losses in the fishing industry. On the long run this would not be a very solid construction and according to many it must be replaced. Health effects were immediately recognized as a consequence of the disaster and victims were compensated. Second, we are mis managing natural systems.

On the long run

The Amoco Cadiz started drifting to shore where touching the bottom ripped open the hull and storage tanks. Environmental organizations claim that large companies take advantage of the flexible environmental regulation in poorer countries such as Rumania. Love Canal families regularly experienced miscarriages and birth defects. However, Exxon Valdez did not cause the largest oil spill in human history. It has been resealed and the surrounding area was cleaned and declared safe.

The released gas caused a second explosion and the fire increased, covering the entire platform. Smog easily entered buildings, causing cinemas, theatres and stores to be closed. The explosion and resulting fire killed of them. Particularly the Union Carbide company states a much lower total number of victims.

These people only remained in the area for short periods of time to prevent health problems. The cause of the spill was a break in the dam that surrounded a settling basin.

This gave the infectious agents a chance to spread. The crew of Tricolor was rescued by emergency teams, which experienced low visibility that made the rescue operation very hard. Safety was very low in this factory of Union Carbide, compared to its other locations. It would be another ten years before the resulting lawsuits were wound up. Transport became largely impossible.

It causes cancers and blood disorders. The accident was named after this village. This heavy pollution and its resulting death toll made people aware of the seriousness of air pollution. Local residents still suffer from a number of diseases, which appear to be very uncommon among people that do not live in the disaster area.

Research showed that factory personnel neglected a number of safety procedures. The cooling installation of the tanks and the flaring installation that might have flared the gas that was released were out of order fig. The Seveso accident and the immediate reaction of authorities led to the introduction of European regulation for the prevention and control of heavy accidents involving toxic substances. These take-overs led to a discussion on responsibility for cleaning up the tons of poisonous waste that are still present in the environment consequential to the disaster.

This has caused many local residents

Eventually President Carter provided funds to move all the families to a safer area. These cracks and holes are futher exacerbated by the intense heat inside the reactor, which is still over degrees Celsius. Lois Gibbs, an activist, noticed the high occurrence of illness and birth defects in the area and started documenting it.