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One good or semi-good outfit for court, going to the taverns, or visiting the romcenter nes dating of someone you wish to impress. Warm garb, or an over-tunic to pull on over a light tunic layering is very effectivefor cold nights or days.

They can hurt the eyes of those of us who adjust well to the dark and provide quite a show if used as out-house illumination in a plastic port-a-castle. Simple tunics or dresses in some light colored solid, with trousers or skirts to match, if desired. While there is no swimming permitted at Cooper s Lake, nearby Moraine State Park has lakeside beaches and public swimming facilities. Change of other clothes for the time spent, plus two that are wrapped in plastic to keep dry.

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Coolers are always welcome. Grill, spit, tripod, camps stove, or some other way to tame fire and hold cooking pots.

Whether to just use at bardic circles or for more serious music, instruments can add to the fun. If you use propane lanterns, be aware that they are bright.

Canned and bottled drinks are good, but powdered Gator Aid and Kool-Aid are cheaper and easier to pack. These should be a natural fiber that breaths well e. Portable light sources, both for camp and the port-a-castle. This is not mandatory, unless you want to fight or scout.

Heavy shoes or boots if you plan to go into the woods.

There is still lots to do without fighting. Light shoes or sandals, unless you want to slop around bare foot. Books and games in case things get slow or hot. The usual stuff soap, towel, toothbrush, etc. While washers are available, it is best not to rely on them, unless you like hanging out in laundromats.

Bardic circles, or a large tent during a storm, are a great place to sing old favorites and learn new songs. Again, the nights can get cold and the dew falls heavily even especially after the hottest days.

What type depends on how you plan to eat. They also can be packed with gear during travel. Kerosene torches, candles with chimneys, hurricane lamps, or what ever. If you are taking care of yourself, you will also need cooking and clean up gear.

Mundane costumes are fine for under armour or for going into town but you might get complaints even then. Plastic jugs of any size for water and mixed soft drinks.

While pavilions ahci mode disabled dating nice, modern tents are acceptable. This is not a complete list, izee manpower consultancy in bangalore dating nor should dating sketches be taken as one.