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Ethnicity and Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Borderland by Mona Chettri download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It thoroughly examines the interior organisation of public craft production and the complementary activities of the private sector. From Hindu kingdom to secular republic Joshi, Bhuvan L. The anxiety continues as the Kolkata High Court has asked for extra security forces to be sent to the hills and the Supreme Court of India have appealed to all citizens for peace. When the stereotypical, docile hill person protests against years of subjugation, status quo must be established through violence.

Profile of a Himalayan Kingdom, chap. Instead, their agricultural tools, which are apparently a confirmation of violence latent within hill people, are confiscated. The chapters show how diverse kinds of cross-border business manage to operate, often across great distances, despite widespread mistrust. Tseten, Kesang Trembling Mountain. Paranoid about losing territory and resources, the West Bengal government refuses to acknowledge the demand for Gorkhaland as a political issue.

As a border town neighboring West Bengal, Jorethang is a zone of transgression that blurs urban and rural space, migrant and citizen subjects, and licit and illicit activities. In India, state violence has become the language of politics for silencing the poor, the lower castes, minorities, and the disenfranchised.

The book explores the emergence of new modes of political representation, cultural activism, and everyday politics in regional South Asia. Concept Publishing Company, pp.

Strategies of Nepalese workers in Uttarakhand, northern India. That is a difficult smile to manage given the region's history of colonisation and poverty, and the current agitation that has been going on for a month.

Early Rescue and Relief after the April Earthquake. These latest skirmishes gave rise to a sense of deja vu. Being Nepali offers new perspectives on political dynamics and state formation across the eastern Himalaya which is fuelled by the resurgence of ethnic culture. It has always viewed homeland movements as law and order problems, which can best be resolved by beating the hill people into submission. Regionalism and National Unity in Nepal, Ch.

Early Rescue and ReliefThese latest skirmishes gave rise to

Violence and repressive governance have been an integral part of the history of the Darjeeling hills in the Eastern Himalayas. The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Nepal. Third, Jorethang offers a glimpse of the bifurcated urban future of the eastern Himalayas. Red Army in the Dragon Kingdom.