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Fearless Relationships by Karen Casey download in pdf, ePub, iPad

We drag around past

We drag around past resentment like a beat-up old suitcase. She is the best-selling author of numerous self-help and recovery books, including the classic Each Day a New Beginning. Holding on to that old anger or resentment inevitably transfers negative vibes onto future relationships.

She is the bestselling author

Drawing from her own life experiences and lessons learned the hard way, Casey offers wise counsel about what helps and what hinders relationships. About Gabrielle Home Many people carry disastrous relationship experiences from the past into the present. Instead of letting your past drag you down, you can let the present lift you up to a place of bliss. Tending our relationships is our highest calling as human beings, says Karen Casey. Her insights are at once familiar and revealing, reminding us of simple truths we inherently know but need to rediscover for ourselves again and again.

During this week, Gabby will guide you to focus on transforming your limiting beliefs about yourself so the outside world can experience your light. You can be free from fear in relationships.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Naples, Florida. You can be open and vulnerable and trusting. Karen enjoys golf and riding her Harley-Davidson with her husband. You can discover a whole new kind of joy and connection.