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An anthology which tells five terrifying tales based on the E. Cassandra Ward-Freeman as Woman in Stall. Andy rescues Charlie from abduction by agents of the Shop by making the agents blind, and for the next year, they are on the run. Scott offering up fine performances.

Manders head to New York City to tell her story to the media. Drew Snyder as Orville Jamieson. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. The performances are actually pretty good and are the best thing in the film.

Goofs In Charlie's first test, the technician has to use a card key to run out of the room. Andy is medicated and subjected to tests, which show his powers have decreased.

Carole Francisco as Joan Dugan. However, he soon sees that there is no need since Charlie makes quick work of the agents who have invaded the quiet refuge they have found. Then, once alone on a walk far from the house, he uses his power to get information from Hollister such as John's true identity and arranges to leave with Charlie that night. Carrie musical Dolores Claiborne opera The Shining opera. These characters do not represent the United States government, and it would be erroneous and unfair to suggest that they do.

You see him use it and hear the doors rumble open. The film was directed by Mark L. They again are on the run, but Andy is weak from the use of his gift. Moses Gunn as Doctor Pynchot. Charlie is pursued over hill and dale by The Shop, a secret government organization bent upon using her skills for nefarious purposes.

The highlight of the film deals with a couple farmers played by Art Carney and Louise Fletcher. Clocking in just under two-hours, the film feels twice as long and I think a lot of the blame has to go to director Mark L.

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The experiment was shrouded in suspicion and mystery, and seemed to be related to psychic abilities. Barrymore delivers a strong and believable performance as the haunting girl and I've always liked Keith in just about everything he's done. After capture, father and daughter are kept separated. As a result, Charlie has acquired the unenviable ability to start fires simply by thinking about fires. Use mdy dates from January Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover.

Adaptations of works by Stephen King. Needing to rest, the two end up taken in by a farmer named Irv Manders Carney and his wife Norma Fletcher.

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Leon Rippy as Blinded Agent. He has wanted to kill Charlie since first hearing about her and hides in the barn so he can kill her father, as well. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. These scenes really made me laugh the majority of the time and once we keep seeing the same thing over and over it just gets boring.

Movie Info Firestarter is based on a bone-chilling novel by Steven King. Firestarter by Stephen King. Firestarter Theatrical release poster. Stephen king Movies and series I've seen.

Stephen King Movies at the U. The entire security team arrives and she dispatches them all one by one to make her way off of the property. From Wikipedia, thesaurus android the free encyclopedia.

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The government wants Charlie to harness her powerful ability as a weapon. When Lester was hired, he brought Stanley Mann to write a screenplay. Martin Sheen as Captain Hollister. Rainbird shoots Andy, fatally wounding him.

Normal in every way but one. An obese attorney is cursed by a gypsy to rapidly and uncontrollably lose weight.

Stephen King didn't like it, but it really ain't that bad. However, Rainbird kills Hollister, after which Andy causes Rainbird to leap to the ground, breaking his leg.

Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Peter Horton, Linda Hamilton, R. They go to their secluded cabin to rest and prepare to finally go public with their story. Robert Miano as Blinded Agent.

Louise Fletcher as Norma Manders. Edit Storyline Andrew and Vicky McGee met while earning money as guinea pigs for an experiment at college.


Psychic and similar topics. To protect themselves, Andy writes letters to major newspapers, but mailing them unintentionally reveals their location.

Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket. Stephen King approved of the Lancaster screenplay.

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The film is all over the map in regards to what it's trying to do but sadly it doesn't do any of them very well. Captain Hollister George C. The two were married and had a daughter, Charlie, who has the ability to start fires by merely thinking about it, also known as pyrokinesis.

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