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Fractures often causeRolling his eyes smirking reading supermarket

They can, however, get you into trouble if you are a beginning writer. We don't know because this is another incomplete thought.

Rolling his eyes, smirking, reading supermarket tabloids during lecture, folding handouts into paper airplanes, and drawing caricatures on his desk are the many ways Jacob annoys his instructors. Fractures often cause deformities abnormal positions. Even though Fred stuck straws up his nose, Melissa ate her tuna fish sandwich and continued to ignore him.

Using this information, the fracture patterns can be further categorized into patterns and abnormal positions deformity. As his ex-girlfriend Gigi chased him down the interstate, Juan floored the accelerator, weaving through the heavy traffic. Recognize a fragment when you see one. Most fractures have more than one of these abnormal positions.

Another option is to add whatever words will give the fragment its own mandatory main clause. Frequently, you can attach the fragment either to the front or to the end of a nearby main clause. Because the milk carton was empty, Paul poured orange juice on his bowl of cereal. For example, broccoli dipped in chocolate sauce, a raw fish head with the eyes intact, and a handful of live earthworms. Flooring the accelerator, Juan wove through the heavy traffic.

Lonely verb fragments occur when you have a verb phrase without a subject. Until Rachel notices the toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

Typically, the subject is understood, but because it does not occur within the word group, the necessary main clause is missing. Where the popcorn is stale and the soda flat. During the stressful chemistry test, Victor sneezed repeatedly.

Sharon has to close her eyes, and I've had to fight the urge to gag. If you try this proofreading strategy, do not use it exclusively.