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Freddy the Pilot by Walter R. Brooks download in pdf, ePub, iPad

He is taken prisoner, but is soon freed by the skunks and rabbits. This gives Freddy the notion to use them as spies, parachuted by umbrella onto the distant airfield.

Condiment is convinced Freddy is the Leopard Woman, and cancels the comic. He returns to discover the skunks have taken Robin Hood to heart, and sporting quarterstaffs and bows. The show is interrupted by Mr. This eventually proves to be more interesting to the generals.

Freddy decides to learn to fly, and to chase the bomber. The book was republished in by Duckworth. There is a wedding the next day, and for the first time since Freddy has known him, Mr.

After a couple days they tire of spying, and determine to destroy the plane. He arrives at the circus in time to spot the mysterious plane. Back in his Leopard Woman disguise, Freddy lures Condiment into a dark circus trailer. Unaware, Freddy lands, and is discovered by Condiment not only to be a pig, but also the Leopard Woman. Finally the truth comes from Mr.

The book was

He claims Condiment promised to marry him, and is enraged. Boom that Rose wants to marry him.

Brooks and illustrated by Kurt Wiese. In disguise as a woman, Freddy investigates Condiment. Freddy hopes Condiment is sufficiently frightened to leave Rose alone. The lights go off, and Freddy substitutes a live leopard for himself.

Completely cowed, as it were, Condiment is forced to write a confession of his crimes. Easily read by this group and fine for reading aloud. Condiment is tied up, but later escapes, so the confrontation continues, until the gang escapes. Using a phony Spanish accent, he visits Condiment, letting drop that he is the Leopard Woman.

Freddy decides to