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Tim Knox for the Guardian Distributors scramble to find a new destination for the food, and recoup costs, but often run out of time. Bacterial cultures in live yoghurt act as a preservative that prevents mould.

Yoghurt stored inside the fridge, and not on the door, generally will last longer. The majority of people do not take their shopping lists along when they go to buy food, so buy more than they need, or they are enticed by items that are harder to use. At the Pantry, we know that a good meal makes for a good student, and we work to make sure no Gator is left behind. Consumers throw away food because of the confusing array of date labels.

Food has becomeVeterans The Alan and

Veterans The Alan and Cathy Hitchcock Pantry is intended to assist members of our campus community who experience food insecurity. Food has become much cheaper relative to average incomes over the past one or two generations, which encourages waste. She repurposes plain yoghurt for cooking, no matter how sour. We will not ask guests of The Pantry to verify income or need.

In this, Premchander is not alone. If ever a book provided food for thought, it's this one. Some yoghurts remain good to eat one to three weeks after the best-by date. The reliance on date labels is especially wasteful when it comes to milk and yoghurt. Having worked within and beside top programs in agricultural research throughout his career, he is also sympathetic toward the alternatives to current agricultural production and their advocates.

Many people are doing so in the often mistaken belief that it has gone off. This book should set the agenda for the emergent food ethic. This is perhaps most evident when it comes to staples such as bread and other grain products.