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The presentation was very interactive with the students and was enjoyed by all. As always, the Hope Street family came together to ensure we enjoyed a safe and productive learning opportunity. Fulbright, did field work with water samples from a creek at Auburndale Park this Halloween. Some of the features included reclaimed wood counter tops, floors, ceiling beams, and walls.

Multiple Hope Street students

For more information or to make donations, contact Ms. Inside the beautiful edifice, every room was filled to capacity.

Quite a few students have applied

Her hopes and prayers for others has become an ongoing outreach program throughout the Pittsburgh area. The proceeds will come from a combination of ticket sales, sponsorships, special events, and a Home of Hope. Slaughter, Waldy, and Schoenen classes piled on one district bus for the short ride over to the Henderson Center on Washburn's Topeka campus.

Others walked the streets, picking up dirt and debris from the littered sidewalks and nearby overgrown lots. It was the fourth year for Gwen Watkins and her team. We've had fun exploring all that the Topeka Public Library has to offer, and getting to know one another better as we venture away from the classroom. Some students also checked for what kinds of macroinvertebrates they could find in the creek. If you see the students tell them congratulations.

Swanson at Hope Street Academy. After multiple bus issues, we finally recieved one that would hold us all. In a full capacity room of the church, the dedicated volunteers made blankets to be distributed to the residents of a local senior citizen high rise. We must, get off the bench and get into the game of life.

We will take any and all donations. The water was tested for levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, and dissolved oxygen. Hope Street students caught around ten butterflies that day, and got to see them tagged and released back out into the wild to complete their migration. Johnson is a well-known advocate and counselor who have combined her knowledge with an indescribable amount of compassion.

Hope Street students were able to visit the different booths and potential opportunities available to them in these related career fields. Monarchs that make this huge migration are sometimes marked with a sticker to help researchers learn more about the migration patterns of this species. She also talked about the migratory patterns observed in specific generations of butterflies that travel from as far north as Canada to as far south as Mexico to overwinter.

Multiple Hope Street students asked insightful questions of panel participants, and panelists seemed sincerely happy to share their perspectives and offer advice. Quite a few students have applied for their own library cards at each visit.