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Rohit Shetty narrated Chennai Express to me and I fell down laughing. So I wanted to do it and just completely be mad. You can follow the show or Ms. All the people who love me as Rahul, will just have to accept I'm going through a phase.

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We spot Sharukh Khan opening up a lot more about him in the show.

Priyanka, what is the key to playing a differently-abled character? What I meant was that nobody makes films for themselves. But the first day, when I wore my outfit and I was dressed as Jhilmil, I walked down to set and I went blank. Does it also come from difficult place? But if I was to try and put it in some context, I think it is two-and-a-half.

To me, that is very unique and a challenge. The essence of the film which attracted me is that it's a film about not being able to understand each other because of the language, cultural barrier, or sometimes even just how two people are. So where does good acting come from? Anurag sir and I watched videos, we took workshops and we did look tests. We are all chasing that, we all want that film.

So when you do a film like Barfi, do you have a moment of panic, do you wish you were doing something safer? Shahrukh, you recently became a father again. Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan have worked for long years to reach where they are.

For the last two decades, we urban, middle class viewers felt like we owned you. See, the thing is, sometimes you have films that are set in stone. We want commerce, we want the money, we want to be successful.

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No, I'd never cheat on you. Then you have the other films like, say, what Clint Eastwood makes or what Ryan Gosling is doing right now and those are really entertaining good films also.

What makes him the only actor in this country who can do this? But let me get there first. It took me a couple of days to find my feet and once I stopped thinking about it, it just happened. Ileana, your position is so unique because you are an established newcomer. After the physical intensity in Ra.

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Rahul and Raj were like the most charismatic members of our family. You can get caught up easily in a comfort zone and do the stuff you do. There's nothing else I would do differently.

You are one of the most exciting and experimental actors in Hindi cinema today. The killer marketing lines will be on air soon - and I will never live it down. Actually I had just written the script halfway through and I could not finish the script before casting for the film. You know, so few great things just happen. If you are watching this film and don't know this language, you'd be as dumbstruck as I am in the film.

Chopra on Twitter thefrontrow and anupamachopra. Is there anything that you will do differently with AbRam? Priyanka Chopra, for one, are the twilight stars dating plays a character who suffers from autism.

So let me try working in different kinds of films, excite myself, challenge myself as an actor and one day my film would do crores. My film will do crores hopefully. Whatever I understand in the film is what the audience understands. One the quiet intensity in Don and then the autism bit in My Name Is Khan, I wanted to let my hair down, have a great time and laugh more. And sometimes you make a movie where you have an idea, you have a story, you have characters and then you just go organically day by day.

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Did you all improvise on Barfi! You are older now and more experienced. More On Fatherhood I'm a very basic father. For all the buzzing scoop from the world of entertainment. Does it annoy you that these two get all the attention?

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