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Third, both secretariats are small operations financed primarily by one country and organised in rotation with relatively short cycle. Global Regionalisms and Higher Education is exemplary in its understanding of this key point.

Such kind of authority enables them to effectively implement their will and shape the behaviours of other actors without the use of coercion. The secretariats also perceive themselves to be acting in the name of the public good and advancing the common goals. However, viewing agents in such a functionalist and statist fashion may not accord with reality.

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Paradoxically, if communication and activities are only available in a few active countries, the neutrality and impartiality of the secretariat may look different. This is the rule of the secretariat. Expertise creates authority because knowledge and experience persuade people to confer on experts.

Consequently, their knowledge and authority over the flow of information and institutional memory may be constrained by the rotation. In both contexts, it is necessary to explore the relationship between the secretariats and states in order to understand the roles of the secretariats. With time I also got to know the audience, know who will react in what ways. Also, states want important tasks to be carried out by experts with specialised knowledge as they believe such knowledge could benefit society. Two, making the process known.

In higher education there are many kinds of region. Stated differently, the secretariats possess a special authority that is socially constructed and legitimated. First, they operate in the education sector that deems very important to the national sovereignty, therefore external authority is often unwelcome and resisted by states. The moral authority of international secretariats often derives from their status as representative of the common interests or defender of the shared values e.

Paradoxically if communication and activities are