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Check out this article I wrote about it here. We hope to expand beyond the U. Unfortunately, the wealth of choice makes it difficult to sort the good from the bad. What do they have planned.

Google TV What you need to know (FAQ)

The domain names were owned Exo Level, Inc. Will I be able to stream movies that are from my computer? Hulu has done the same thing to similar set-top boxes, like Boxee.

Are there any pictures of the different controllers? We appreciate your enthusiasm! If you have any qualms, it's at least worth waiting until we review a few of the products, which should be before the end of the month. What are the storage capabilities? That would sure save a lot of battery life!

About how long will it be before google-tv will be available in other countries Canada. How do I become a beta tester for this device? Logitech's Revue offers a wireless keyboard, complete with a touch pad for moving a mouse cursor, and standard home theater controls like play, pause, and volume controls.

Sony 65-inch A1E Bravia OLEDGoogle TV What you need to know (FAQ)

Their target was high-end customers in the U. If not, is this something that a developer could manage with an app?

Can not Microsoft just add a broser to xbox and kill google tv in one stroke Why should anyone spend the money with this risk? Chromecast support is in tow, guru mayya mayya video songs as is Google Assistant integration. For having more interest in google tv.

We have only unveiled the Logitech companion box at this time. What does it offer that is better.

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Given the differences between different cable operators software and hardware, we could see full compatibility taking a while. The people who are going to want this product are people who want save money on cable. Unfortunately there's no support at this time for programmable or learning functions, so you're stuck with what it's capable of out of the box. Dish only for now, but how long until we see Comcast?

By the way since all my questions are being deleted I am posting them on the Green Button so everyone knows what you are afraid to answer. Shoot us an email with you information to blogitech logitech.

Improved stability and performance of the Android operating system. This seems like a lame verision of windows media center. Without cable, just web hook-up how do we stream the captions?

PageRank Panda Penguin Hummingbird. If i buy a mouse or a remote from Logitech i can use it in Bavaria, Botswana or Brazil. Windows media center is going to work with Project Natal soon. Personalized SafeSearch Voice Search. Netflix fixes, fix for keyboard controller pairing failures, Chrome updates.

Anyways that is more cool one. This is the one thing I hate about Pandora. Category Comparisons List. If this product does not have analog outputs, component video or otherwise and support for i, it is utterly worthless to me.

Other commands switch inputs, change channels, mute audio, and more. These shows might do the trick. When you hit the button, while it may not be a shift in resolution, it definitely takes a second or so to kick in, during which you're treated to no sound or video at all.

Need to fill your Game of Thrones void? So any question that gets deleted will be posted on the Green Button so the world can know your fear and hopefully bring that knowledge to a larger audience. Do we still need Dishnetwork or cable for this to work? Logitech also offers a mini-controller similar to the Logitech DiNovo. Open source with proprietary components.

Unfortunately, the platform's current drawbacks and the television's middling display specs make it a tough one to recommend even to early adopters. Why should I be eliminated from having either of these products? We didn't pick up on any fan noise, and while there's some warmth at the upper left rear of the unit, we don't anticipate keeping things cool to be problem. In the video they said the phone was using Wi-Fi to send the commands. GameCube and Wii games from Nintendo.

Google TV What you need to know (FAQ)

That is really a fantastic stuff. It's a minor omission, but that'll be missed when you can't locate the remote and a commercial starts blasting. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. This is very enticing for U. Logitech's Revue is currently available for preorder and should ship by the end of October.

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There are no remote apps available currently, so we couldn't test out what control from a phone would be like. Something tells me most people still prefer to keep their television and computer experiences somewhat segregated. Apocalyptic new miniseries adapts Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's book. How will this affect closed captions? The product demos we've seen so far have been very impressive, but until we get our hands on the product, there's no telling how it will hold up in real-world conditions.

Where can we get our hands on a Beta or Test version of this? Will it play blu-ray discs too? As far as what you have to actually look at, the display performance is about average, with good colors and decent black levels.

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