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This strategy worked remarkably well until it was derailed by the Great Depression after Stresemann's death. His volatile character and sentimental attachment to uniforms and tradition were also emphasized.

By this time Stresemann, who had moved to Berlin, was one of the best-known leaders of German economic life. His first act was to attempt to restore the old Entente through a three-power alliance of England, France and Belgium, directed against Germany. Nonetheless, he quickly accommodated himself to the realities of a republican Germany. In his personal as well as his political development he embodied the uncertainty of the period of transition from monarchy to republic.

His volatile character

He studied political economy, philosophy, and literature. Stresemann's role in German politics is discussed in Henry A. During these years Stresemann moved increasingly to the right. Gustav Stresemann's success owed much to his friendly personal character and his willingness to be pragmatic.

Political rise After completing his studies, Stresemann began his professional career in a trade association. Youth and education Stresemann was the son of Ernst Stresemann, a Berlin innkeeper and beer distributor. To his mind, this would convince the Allies that the reparations bill was truly beyond Germany's capacity. He supported its objectives, however, since he could thus more easily obtain the urgently sought revision of the Treaty of Versailles. However, he remained a monarchist at heart.

The removal of Allied controls in the years following permitted Germany to regain much of its freedom as a great power, including the opportunity for clandestine rearmament. However, he still favoured an expansion of the social welfare programme, and also supported an end to the restrictive Prussian franchise. Although Stresemann did not propose the pact, Germany's adherence convinced many people that Weimar Germany was a Germany that could be reasoned with. As Foreign Minister, Stresemann achieved a great deal.

This strategy worked remarkably