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Am J Geriatr Pharmacother. La prueba t de Stu- dent, pareada y no pareada, fue utilizada para com- parar los valores intragrupales e intergrupales, respectivamente. Adipokines produced in the visceral fat would play a direct or indirect role in the development of the syndreme components. In practice, dating girl contact no obesity is estimated by body mass index.

Metabolic consequences of the functional alterations of adipose tissue in obese patients. Diabetes mellitus is more frequent in the geriatric population and it uses more resources. Analysis of probability as an aid in the clini- cal decisions of coronary artery disease. The measure of the waist circumference is used to evaluate intra-abdominal fat, which is a major risk factor for cardio-metabolic disease. American Heart Association writing group on myocardial segmentation and registration for cardiac imaging.

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Use of myocardial perfusion imaging to predict the effective- ness of coronary revascularization in patients with stable angina pecto- ris. Noninvasive strategies for the estimation of cardiac risk in stable chest pain patients. Hospitalizations, nursing home admissions, and deaths attributable to diabetes. Datos Mayor frecuencia insuficientes de comidas. Respecto a su patogenia, la resistencia a la insulina ha sido considerada como base del desarrollo del conjunto de anormalidades asociadas al sindrome.

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Informe de una Consulta Mixta de Expertos. Multicenter clinical trial with angiographic correlation. Insulin resistance syndrome and glucose dysregulation in the elderly.

Can metabolicsyndromeusefullypredict cardiovascular disease and diabetes? Follow-up reporton the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. It was also found that diabetic patients take more drugs during their disease. Riskassociatedwiththemetabolicsyndrome versus the sum of its individual components. Lovre D, Mauvais-Jarvis F.

Validation of collateral frac- tional flow reserve by myocardial perfusion imaging. Importance of consideration of radiation doses from cardiac imaging procedures and risks of cancer. Prospectiveanalysis of theinsulin-resistancesyndrome syndrome X. Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral.

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Self-reported understanding of diabetes and its treatment among elderly ambulatory subjects in British Columbia. Subscription fees checks only should be payable to Academia Nacional de Medicina A. Exercise standards for testing and training. Does a diagnosis of metabolicsyndromehave a value in clinicalpractice. Role of insulinresistance in human disease.

Confidence intervals for a binomial proportion. En consecuencia, el criterio se transforma en demasiado inclusivo.

The Claude Bernard Lecture. National Diabetes Data Group U. Mail should be sent to the Editor, Dr. National Academy of Medicine of Mexico. Themetabolicsyndrome, itscomponentsriskfactors, and progression of coronaryatherosclerosis.

Abdominal or central obesity would be responsible for the development of insulin resistance in somehow predisposed individuals. Definition, diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus and itscomplications.

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The files of outpatients of the geriatrics department in a General Hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, were examined. The scientific material published in Gaceta is protected by copyright. Hyperlipidemia in the elderly.

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