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There are around seventy six known stone rows and fourteen stone circles on Dartmoor and there are numerous menhirs or standing stones. The village suffered a serious setback with the Black Death in the midth century but slowly recovered. These areas would rapidly become infertile and would be abandoned to re-grow.

During the ice ages the

Prince of Thieves were shot at Old Wardour Castle. This ward starts in the north at Tisbury and stretches south to end in Donhead St.

It is thought that the earliest Mesolithic farmers used slash and burn to create temporary clearings for hunting deer and for raising crops. In East Tisbury and Wardour were united as Tisbury civil parish. The monastery may have been located near an old cemetery discovered north of Church Street.

During successive inter-glacial periods humans returned. During the ice ages the region became unpopulated. Until recently there had been no direct evidence of any tin working or mining on Dartmoor during the Bronze Age. These settlers were responsible for the remarkable construction of the widespread and systematic field boundaries known as reaves.

During successive interglacial

These early farmers are thought to have used wooden shelters and no evidence remains of their settlements. There was a rapid decrease in woodland cover at this time.