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He is witty, erudite, conversational and charming. When not blubbing, Eyres is mostly wine-bibbing, since one of the life lessons he has absorbed from Horace has to do with the spiritual advantages of mild intoxication.

One of the things that rankled me was the authors lack of full throated commitment to just about anything other than sipping a nice glass of wine and translating Latin. Lorem About Horace and Me Horace lived at a pivotal moment. Their homosocial inseparability seems not to bother Harry's partner, a foreign correspondent called Ching Ling. It's remarkable that his critical eye falls everywhere but his own snobbishness and entitlement, which is slathered all over him like the pancake makeup of that woman in Fellini Satyricon.

As Sonia forcefully describes

Religion - its sorta important but then not really and the author isn't an atheist by god, but not really a believer and the Buddhists are interesting if you have time to think about your breathing. The book is replete in snobbery. He rightly disparages the abstruse theorising of academics who use literary works to prosecute their grudges about colonialism or the politics of gender. When he returns to the subject, in a doctorate on Greek tragedy, he drops out after a year.

As Sonia forcefully describes in her review, Eyres is a pretentious snob. He's also the author of a few stock Latin phrases we might not even identify as Horatian. Keeps Horace surprising and fresh. But so did his contemporaries such as Virgil.

Happiness is about living. Mr Eyres thinks nothing of the kind. He has squeezed from the life of the poet and from poems two thousand years old lessons that are fresh and relevant today. So, if you are such - don't bother.