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How Art Can Make You Happy by Bridget Watson Payne download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It has the power to engage you so fully, bringing you into the present moment.

That to me is a great scientific example of the magic of art. Indeed, it may unsettle you, make you feel worse.

Frida painted this following several

The world around you is spectacular. It's not there to make you feel better. It is an activity with a tangible result and the more I dedicate myself, slowly but surely, the more I can see improvement and feel a sense of achievement.

But it will almost

But it will almost always make you feel. Frida painted this following several miscarriages and the death of her mother. Painting provides a challenge and with each hour I paint, I am building skills. Unlike Frida, I am in good health for which I am sincerely grateful.

And seeing is what it's all about. Tuning in is the magnificence of reality, both natural and man made can increase your daily happiness quotient. And, if you let it, it will almost always make you see.

Great thinkers, from poets to psychiatrists, philosophers to scientists have known this to be true. This easy, breezy handbook by Bridget Watson Payne is full of insight that will help regular people begin a more inspiring and less stressful relationship with art. And finally art can wake you up to the reality of yourself. The first is the reality of the world, where you see the world around you much more crystal clear and bright and articulate.